Coach Info

Coaches must make sure their certifications are current and memberships are paid. Check (under the Officials tab) to find your status. If the status says “pending” there is still something you need to complete before you can coach at an event.

We feel really lucky to work with such a great group of coaches! Below are the guidelines for the upcoming season. Any questions regarding coach membership and certification should be directed to

Membership: Coaches are required to have a current membership to be on the course. Coach memberships cannot be paid through our series, so please make sure you take care of your membership online at well in advance of your first event. Please be prepared to provide proof of membership.

Certification: A current certification is required for each coach previous to your first event. There will be several certification options through USASA during the season, including recertification tests available online at Please be prepared to provide proof of certification and please make sure your certification is listed correctly on the site. You can find this info under the “Members” tab in addition to clinic information.

Coach Check-in: Each coach must check in each morning. We will be using colored armbands that will be different each event day, so even if you checked in on Saturday, you’ll need to check in Sunday as well. Please make sure you’ve checked in before you enter the course, even for practice.

We can't overemphasize the importance of having our coaches fully certified and paid through USASA prior to their first event. Coaches without the proper credentials will not be allowed on course. No exceptions!