Do you have any events in my area?

This year we have events at Elm Creek, Trollhaugen, Hyland Hills, Buck Hill, Afton Alps and Spirit Mountain.


Who can compete?

Anyone with a USASA membership can compete in our series!  We welcome both snowboarders and skiers of (literally) all ages.  We have had competitors from ages 4 to 65!


What if I’m not on a team?

No worries!  The Snow Series has no team affiliation and you do not have to be on a team to compete in our series.


What age group will I compete in?

With the exception of Rail Jams, which have their own age groups, you will be placed in one of the following age groups, based on the age you are on December 31, 2018.  If you pay for your membership online, make sure you enter your birthdate correctly, as it automatically places you in an age group.

  • Ruggie (7 under)

  • Grommet (8-9)

  • Menehune (10-11)

  • Breaker (12-13)

  • Youth (14-15)

  • Junior (16-17)

  • Jams (18-22)

  • Senior (23-29)

  • Master (30-39)

  • Legend (40-49)

  • Kahuna (50-59)

  • Methuselah (60 & over)

  • Open Class (No age limit, Pro Class)

  • Adaptive (Individuals with permanent physical disabilities)


What time should I get there?

Registration is from 8:30am to 9:30am. You must get to the registration table before 9:30 to check in, even if you registered online, or you may forfeit your spot in the event.


How can I find information about my membership/competition guidelines/rules of USASA?

There is a link to the USASA Rulebook under the USASA tab at the top of this page. We highly recommend downloading a copy and making sure you’re familiar with it before the season begins.


How much does each event cost?

Each individual event costs $35 if you register online and $40 if you sign up the day of the event.  


The event I want to compete in says it’s full.  Can you add me to the waiting list?  Can you make an exception for me?

We’ve added an additional 25 spots to our event limit to alleviate this problem but if you didn’t register in time, you can get on the waiting list the morning of the event at the registration table. We start giving away open spots at 9:30am.  Our staff arrives early but there are often people waiting when we get there, so get there early!  We can’t reserve you a spot and we can’t give preferential treatment to any one competitor.  The only way to guarantee a spot is to register online.  


I received a confirmation email from my team, but when I got to registration I wasn’t on the start list.  What gives?

The only confirmation that guarantees your entry in the competition is a receipt from usasa.org that shows the event you registered for, the date and the amount paid. You will receive this confirmation by email after registering. Any communication from other entities does not guarantee you a spot in the event.


I got to registration and had to wait in line.  Why?

For most events if you registered online you will be able to walk up and check in. However, if you are registered for an event that is full, you will be checking in with 124 other competitors. To make this process go quickly, be ready with to tell us your last name and age group when you get to the table. It also helps to have your confirmation emails handy (we can even look at them on your phone) just in case.  


I’m a coach.  What do I need to do to be on the course with my team?

Whether you are a private coach or affiliated with a team, you need to be certified through USASA, and that needs to be reported through usasa.org.  Only coaches that are listed as certified on usasa.org are allowed on course.  Every coach is required to check in each morning.  You will be issued a coach’s armband which you are required to have visible at all times.  


I registered for an event but couldn’t make it/didn’t feel well/decided I didn’t want to compete.  I want a refund.  How do I go about getting one?

As it states on our Registration page, we do not offer refunds without valid medical excuse. Each case will be reviewed. Refunds are at the sole discretion of the series. Riders may be required to provide a doctor’s note. A $10 processing fee per entry will apply to all refunds. 


When do I practice?

In smaller events, we may run open practice in the morning before the event begins. When we have a larger event, we break the competitor groups into heat by age group. Each heat has a practice before taking their runs. We do this to keep the events safe and to make sure that everyone has adequate time to familiarize themselves with the course.  


How do I qualify to compete at Nationals in Copper Mountain, CO?

Please see our USASA tab above and click USASA Nationals for more information.