A competitor shall be disqualified and will forfeit their entry fee:

• For not wearing a helmet or if a helmet comes off during a run.

• If there is an infraction under the USASA Rulebook.

• If false information is presented to the USASA, the Series Director, any official or the Organizing Committee.

• For accepting assistance during a run.

• For not starting properly.

• For not passing the finish line with at least one foot fixed in a binding at Alpine and BoarderCross races.

• For not respecting the host resort regulations.

• For not wearing a bib properly during inspection, practice or competition.

• For un-sportsmanlike conduct including but not limited to:

  • ‣ for not wearing an approved helmet

  • ‣ foul or obscene language

  • ‣ making foul or obscene gestures toward USASA judges or officials

  • ‣ shadowing a competition course

  • ‣ coach/parent shadowing with a competitor

  • ‣ modifying the setting of a competition area

  • ‣ disrupting an event by destructive means, such as destroying or moving a safety fence or changing a gate setup

  • ‣ competing in a bib # other than assigned on the start list or letting another competitor compete for them

  • ‣ borrowing or lending of bibs

  • ‣ For intentionally pushing, holding, or hitting another rider in boardercross.  The rider will not be allowed to start in the next event of the same level or above

  • ‣ A rider disqualified (for pushing, holding, or hitting) will not be allowed to advance to a further round at this race and may be sanctioned.

  • ‣ A rider disqualified (for pushing, holding or hitting) will not receive any rank or points at the race in which the infraction occurred.

  • ‣ In the eventuality of a rider being disqualified for "pushing, holding, or hitting" the heat in which the infraction occurred can be re run with ALL the riders excluding the disqualified rider.